It’s really fascinating to observe human behavior and how a small change in the calendar can fill the heart with optimism.. with the promise made to oneself to live a better tomorrow than the gone.

I love the small celebrations that come all through the year and also as the year ends… a bustle in the gray winter is nothing but contagious. The undownputable spirit spins the world as we know. Each new onset has a new quiet wish for self and the anonymous – I wish for a more resilient spirit.

Come what may be -I wish, we have the strength to face-defy all odds and rise.


So here’s wishing you resolve,resilience and repetition.


The black, the white and the grey

I was randomly reading stuff on the web when I chanced to read an article on autism – a developmental disability and how the world in their mind is ruled by two colors-the black and the white (the concrete and clear). More-so in the sense, the rules are clear to them – it’s either right, hence white or wrong-the black. They might not well understand the meaning of language that is ambiguous or abstract (the gray). So words like ‘wishy-washy’,’if’,’maybe’,’either-or’ are confusing.

Gray area is precisely the area, where different rules apply to different people in different time on a different day- all in all, it’s confusing, unpredictable and unfair in their mind.However the ‘brick and mortar’ life don’t always pan out scenarios that be categorized into plain black or white. In such cases mostly our action and reaction are situational- guided by the individual’s ability to rationalize and his/her conscience.

Let us delve more on the gray life scenarios, where people can have a varied opinion,  but for me the demarcation of right and wrong is blurred here.

I remember, once a dear friend of mine-let’s call her A-for the sake of anonymity, gave money to a family seeking financial help on the sony world junction road, koramangala and mind you-she is not overtly emotional or irrational. I am pretty sure, she had her reasons or just plainly put-she hoped for once her rational mind was wrong and it was not just another act of fooling people.

I have done such act too, albeit in a different scenario-for a teenager who worked and had financial constraint(No, I am not preaching a reckless donation of one’s hard earned money to fake causes – there is a difference between supporting and being tricked) . I had my rational argument- how much the said amount would mean to me and how much would it mean to him. Would it make a great difference if I never recovered the amount? Though on the flip side I never saw that teenager again after the said amount was lent -we might be quick to reach that a man who does not acknowledge atleast the ‘act’ is not man enough. Maybe;

Maybe I was tricked or maybe he was never in a condition of paying back so he just ghosted. Well, there are two ways to be a fool – one is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to accept what is true.

It was more a ‘maybe’ situation for me- the gray, where I choose to ‘believe’……and I am hopeful that I would continue choosing ‘to believe’ in the future too!



Death will break her claws on some I keep

YELLOW dust on a bumble
bee’s wing,
Grey lights in a woman’s
asking eyes,
Red ruins in the changing
sunset embers:
I take you and pile high
the memories.
Death will break her claws
on some I keep

-Carl Sandburg


I don’t have words today…bidding you a goodbye,with choked up heart…

you’ll always live in our heart and mind.

love you,always chai (granny) and forever more!


Ok enough sloth!And anxious wait for things to happen,to make an update to this or that..let me do first thing first and start with a wish for a happy and mindful new year to all!

Well whether we like it not-2016 is here and with this calendar change, comes new set of expectation.Expectation,truly-is the mother of all disappointments(and now I have ruined the word ‘expectation’ for you-haven’t I, what can i say,I am lovable that way *evil grin*).

Ahem! lets chuck the digression and come to the mudda(point-in english).I don’t make resolutions but for a change this year,I have decided to be more vocal atleast in public and I have so far not disappointed myself(so expectation from self is a good thing).

So if I see people insisting on use of plastic bag despite being banned by the delhi government or littering waste,my other self which is not very calm(read -devil like) wakes from slumber and starts preaching.Minding one’s own business is a thing of past for me.I mean,for how long,can we continue with the blame game on the government being not diligent enough?And the worse part is- I get the most shocking and repulsive attitude from the degree-d people who are not educated enough to bother about issues like public health and pollution(water, air and noise equally).

I have realized that this may make me less popular.Yes,I have been ‘eye rolled’ behind my back and I have earned a few nicknames but who bothers?I am no-Adele to worry about my fan base. I always retaliate to maintain yin-yang in me and sleep sound!

Aspiring to be the odd in the evens or the other way around.

I don’t understand the rule?

Yes,I don’t and I guess I never will,from the annoying pop-up adverts on the website to the long unending saga of commercial breaks between your favorite daily soaps.This industry is run by a mantra – create the need for a product,one might not need at all-how so ironic.

But may I ask,how loud and on face can it be,snapdeal-bus-wrap-jaipurbecause the billboard could not move ?

The way a product is sold? By misrepresenting it-This particular brand goes with a jingle that the washing powder contains ‘fresh’ lemon and jasmine and a disclaimer that needs a Cornell university ‘tunnelling electron microscope’ to read the small print that confirms,it contains none(lemon and jasmine :-/)wheel_Active

Or this?


The one with-Axe deo spray, promising the lads that a whiff from the pressurized can could drive woman crazy and make angels fall.Burn the degrees,throw all good-manners in the bin because I have a news for you all-courtesy ad gurus, all it takes to win a heart of lady is a measly spray!

I sometimes wonder,do people in the real life bath as slowly as the muses of Lux beauty soap?


I can’t help,not analyzing this one-hourglass figure of beyonce  in ‘provocative red’ resembling the smaller pet coca cola.So what does it do on a sub-conscious level? Perhaps then the two images are related in our mind, and we would tend to think of women when seeing coke. Certainly,having a target audience there

Come again on the tagline-refreshingly better,well from what exactly?what are the parameter for a comparison here?Refreshingly better than a vacation,than beyonce herself?? beyonce_coca_cola_ad_by_jamesdavis86-d63mwsm

Dictionary meaning of advertisement mean a notice or announcement in a public medium promoting a product, service, or event or publicizing a job vacancy,so I guess there is no wrong done as long as an announcement is made and the product is promoted.No clause violated even if the announcement is hugely unrealistic,false and misleading.All is good in the utopian world as long as the advertising jug-head goes ‘creative’,ignoring the fact that the end user is not that idiot after all.I suppose,I am trying to make a point that it will be a ‘refreshingly better’ change if the producer really understood the consumer psyche and came up with an ‘approaching realistic’ ideas with a hint less on dramatization.

One that really educates and is worth a notice too.As so said by-Stephen Freeman –the finish is only good,if the idea shines

And because a picture is worth thousand words!


HI! I'm Hannibal Lecter and I approve this message.
HI! I’m Hannibal Lecter and I approve this message.
nah..I am good.
nah..I am good.

Van con dios!

Music matters

Songs from the past can stir powerful emotion and can take you back in time. This is exactly the song that does the ‘anamnesis‘ moment to me(no, I am not getting into the controversy of whether the original classic should not be altered and that the coke studio-ish rendition is appalling).I neither claim it to be the best lyrical composition that I have heard so far, but I guess it’s a part of me now and will always bring a smile irrespective of highs and lows in life.

I grew up in a large family in a quaint small town of orissa, with all the human relations that one may possibly define-uncle,aunt,cousins,grands (both maternal and paternal) ,each with the queerest set of personalities one may imagine. With so many people around pin drop quiet existed only in the dictionary.I woke each day to different sounds-sometime recitation of bhagwad geeta(mostly on my maternal side),wake up call(read-warning) from dad announcing the unplanned arrival of our lard-ass,samosa-hungry(Indian snack),dosser tuition teacher( me and my cousins secretly hated him for all the homework he gave us-we always thought it to be a big fat waste of time) to odd rattling noises.

My childhood memories are made up of-unaccounted hours of outdoor activities (if you are wondering, yes, I am an eighties born), music, cousins, sunny summer afternoon spent licking ice lollies, mangoes (we have a big mango tree in our backyard and I loved hugging it), comics-which we would share amongst friends This song conjured up orissa today for me..conjured up home…reminding me of my graduation days when i would take a night coach from bhubaneswar and just in the wee hours wake up to this song that mostly announced the arrival of my hometown or my cousin’s wedding where we did an impromptu family performance- an absolute ‘balter’, that was ladled with hip swings,coy-expressions,pelvic-thrust,fluttering eyelids ,whistles- to sum it up pure desi dance and not to mention the DJ could not understand the song( wedding venue being Goa) so we sang too!

I guess it is correct to say-celebrating your roots is happiness.So here’s to the root,to the ‘oriya’ in me and to the not-so-complicated-times in life.

Musically yours!


“On a branch…” –Kobayashi Issa (tr. Jane Hirshfield)

On a branch
floating downriver
a cricket, singing.

Such simple haiku but yet so deep.It is a metaphor that lets us think precisely with the imagination and senses.The scene isn’t romanticized nor are there grand emotions attached to it.what we are left with is the simplicity of a clear scene, a chirping sound and one’s own flights of fantasy.

Digging into my philosophical thoughts – its synonym to a life journey and that we are just advanced breed of primates on this planet playing our part, setting our own ends and moving towards them. Controlling the turn of events or atleast living in the illusion of it.Well for me what sets the tone here is the ‘singing’ whilst the journey-irrespective of the hoary conditions.The ability of humans to celebrate every small victory without giving up.

Someone great once said and I reckon it- There ought to be something very special about the boundary conditions of the universe. And what can be more special than that there is no boundary?And there should be no boundary to human endeavour!hobbes3