Truth and Dare

My lame search for a topic to update my blog post takes me to different places.I pick a topic that looks worth a post, linger over it for a while, only to move on to next.Until I stumble and find these two strong words -‘Truth and dare’ In this digital age, everyone is in the mad rush to make/get an update.I propose we better call ourselves information mongers and not human. Thanks to the boom in electronic communication, we have a myriad of application to choose from, based on the concept of ‘keeping in touch’.But what does it reduces us to? Has it not left us with a constant nagging itch.A fear that is undying and irrational- “Fear of missing out”(I can see a number of heads nodding in agreement).Fear of missing on the next biggest thing, gadget, personal update of friends/anonymous people! WhatsApp-Facebook-Twitter Hey, don’t judge me here, I am not condemning technology that’s my bread and butter.I am just trying to reason out that where do we draw a line and say that’s enough. Are we not on the verge of reducing relations to “face-in-book” and “what’s crapping”. I believe nothing can replace a human touch even if it’s an accidental bump or a familiar nudge.No skype experience is as good as a face to face meeting with a friend and No texting can replace a familiar voice on the other side of a phone.I dare we do a real thing for a change. Here is the list of dare for me, feel free to frame your own 🙂

-Dare: talk to a stranger in real(Not some online befriending).

-Dare: share your deepest darkest secret to the person next to you.

-Dare: switch off your laptop for a week.

-Dare: Move to an area with no network signals.Put down your phone for a day.

-Dare: Get into contention with your boss and slip “numbskull” into your conversation:-P (okay I did digress on this one)

Soo…How daring are you? 🙂