Music matters

Songs from the past can stir powerful emotion and can take you back in time. This is exactly the song that does the ‘anamnesis‘ moment to me(no, I am not getting into the controversy of whether the original classic should not be altered and that the coke studio-ish rendition is appalling).I neither claim it to be the best lyrical composition that I have heard so far, but I guess it’s a part of me now and will always bring a smile irrespective of highs and lows in life.

I grew up in a large family in a quaint small town of orissa, with all the human relations that one may possibly define-uncle,aunt,cousins,grands (both maternal and paternal) ,each with the queerest set of personalities one may imagine. With so many people around pin drop quiet existed only in the dictionary.I woke each day to different sounds-sometime recitation of bhagwad geeta(mostly on my maternal side),wake up call(read-warning) from dad announcing the unplanned arrival of our lard-ass,samosa-hungry(Indian snack),dosser tuition teacher( me and my cousins secretly hated him for all the homework he gave us-we always thought it to be a big fat waste of time) to odd rattling noises.

My childhood memories are made up of-unaccounted hours of outdoor activities (if you are wondering, yes, I am an eighties born), music, cousins, sunny summer afternoon spent licking ice lollies, mangoes (we have a big mango tree in our backyard and I loved hugging it), comics-which we would share amongst friends This song conjured up orissa today for me..conjured up home…reminding me of my graduation days when i would take a night coach from bhubaneswar and just in the wee hours wake up to this song that mostly announced the arrival of my hometown or my cousin’s wedding where we did an impromptu family performance- an absolute ‘balter’, that was ladled with hip swings,coy-expressions,pelvic-thrust,fluttering eyelids ,whistles- to sum it up pure desi dance and not to mention the DJ could not understand the song( wedding venue being Goa) so we sang too!

I guess it is correct to say-celebrating your roots is happiness.So here’s to the root,to the ‘oriya’ in me and to the not-so-complicated-times in life.

Musically yours!