I don’t understand the rule?

Yes,I don’t and I guess I never will,from the annoying pop-up adverts on the website to the long unending saga of commercial breaks between your favorite daily soaps.This industry is run by a mantra – create the need for a product,one might not need at all-how so ironic.

But may I ask,how loud and on face can it be,snapdeal-bus-wrap-jaipurbecause the billboard could not move ?

The way a product is sold? By misrepresenting it-This particular brand goes with a jingle that the washing powder contains ‘fresh’ lemon and jasmine and a disclaimer that needs a Cornell university ‘tunnelling electron microscope’ to read the small print that confirms,it contains none(lemon and jasmine :-/)wheel_Active

Or this?


The one with-Axe deo spray, promising the lads that a whiff from the pressurized can could drive woman crazy and make angels fall.Burn the degrees,throw all good-manners in the bin because I have a news for you all-courtesy ad gurus, all it takes to win a heart of lady is a measly spray!

I sometimes wonder,do people in the real life bath as slowly as the muses of Lux beauty soap?


I can’t help,not analyzing this one-hourglass figure of beyonce  in ‘provocative red’ resembling the smaller pet coca cola.So what does it do on a sub-conscious level? Perhaps then the two images are related in our mind, and we would tend to think of women when seeing coke. Certainly,having a target audience there

Come again on the tagline-refreshingly better,well from what exactly?what are the parameter for a comparison here?Refreshingly better than a vacation,than beyonce herself?? beyonce_coca_cola_ad_by_jamesdavis86-d63mwsm

Dictionary meaning of advertisement mean a notice or announcement in a public medium promoting a product, service, or event or publicizing a job vacancy,so I guess there is no wrong done as long as an announcement is made and the product is promoted.No clause violated even if the announcement is hugely unrealistic,false and misleading.All is good in the utopian world as long as the advertising jug-head goes ‘creative’,ignoring the fact that the end user is not that idiot after all.I suppose,I am trying to make a point that it will be a ‘refreshingly better’ change if the producer really understood the consumer psyche and came up with an ‘approaching realistic’ ideas with a hint less on dramatization.

One that really educates and is worth a notice too.As so said by-Stephen Freeman –the finish is only good,if the idea shines

And because a picture is worth thousand words!


HI! I'm Hannibal Lecter and I approve this message.
HI! I’m Hannibal Lecter and I approve this message.
nah..I am good.
nah..I am good.

Van con dios!