It’s really fascinating to observe human behavior and how a small change in the calendar can fill the heart with optimism.. with the promise made to oneself to live a better tomorrow than the gone.

I love the small celebrations that come all through the year and also as the year ends… a bustle in the gray winter is nothing but contagious. The undownputable spirit spins the world as we know. Each new onset has a new quiet wish for self and the anonymous – I wish for a more resilient spirit.

Come what may be -I wish, we have the strength to face-defy all odds and rise.


So here’s wishing you resolve,resilience and repetition.



“On a branch…” –Kobayashi Issa (tr. Jane Hirshfield)

On a branch
floating downriver
a cricket, singing.

Such simple haiku but yet so deep.It is a metaphor that lets us think precisely with the imagination and senses.The scene isn’t romanticized nor are there grand emotions attached to it.what we are left with is the simplicity of a clear scene, a chirping sound and one’s own flights of fantasy.

Digging into my philosophical thoughts – its synonym to a life journey and that we are just advanced breed of primates on this planet playing our part, setting our own ends and moving towards them. Controlling the turn of events or atleast living in the illusion of it.Well for me what sets the tone here is the ‘singing’ whilst the journey-irrespective of the hoary conditions.The ability of humans to celebrate every small victory without giving up.

Someone great once said and I reckon it- There ought to be something very special about the boundary conditions of the universe. And what can be more special than that there is no boundary?And there should be no boundary to human endeavour!hobbes3