Yaa gotta see the baby

I  think of myself as someone who has never been a great hit with kids, more precisely the small kid – one that is incapable of expressing. Leaves a lot to figure out for you. ..Crying probably needs to sleep.. Crying probably needs food… Crying probably gassy… Crying probably needs a change of diaper. Argh! A lot of guess work in the end. How on the earth can one decipher sounds like owh,Eh,Neh,Eairh,Ehhh.

Do they mean like :

Owh – I’m sleepy / change me 
Eh – Burp me /change me / I’m sleepy
Neh – I’m hungry/change me yet again/ I might be sleepy
Eairh -I have gas

If someone invites me to see their newborn.I am mostly clueless about the behavioral protocol.

Mother of the baby: You wanna pick her up?

moi: Aah jez, I better not.

Baby enthusiast comes to the rescue:I’ll pick her up! (Sigh of relief -yayiee I am saved)

Reinstating – I am not a child hater either. Guess the idea of hurting the little fragile being keeps me at bay . I am always scared to hold the tinny-tiny one picturing in my head that I might accidentally drop and hurt it (yes- I have a vivid imagination and all is not rosy in there :-P). Like oil and water, we never really make an effort to mingle. Even in the same glass, we maintain our densities. I like admiring the small ones from a distance :-P, good, as long as they are in someone else’s arm.

But, well perceptions do not always stand the test of time. Do they? Mine are busted too! It is one cloudy afternoon of July that I am introduced to this kiddie-wink and I fall in love the moment I Iay my eyes upon her – pretty much like love at first sight.Her name is Annika – my niece. She has the perfect angelic face and a naughty glint in her eye. Little can you do and not be drawn towards her. Apprehensive as always, I meander just close to her. My cousin – the father, initiates me to hold her for a while.I take anxious reluctant baby steps towards her. I hold her with utmost care and the connect is almost instantaneous. She is perfectly warm and soft like a ball of fur. She keeps tilting and rubbing her head on my shoulder, brushing her cheeks on to mine. Her belly making strange, funny noises. It is one of the most beautiful moment that I cherish till date! I keep rocking her and singing a lullaby until she is asleep. As I write this post – I miss her her infectious giggle that cheers every bit of me.  Cuddling, snuggling this munchkin will be perfect right now or at any moment 🙂

Anikka -the kiddy

Quoting Chandler Bing in verbatim –  someone that small can’t be scaryonesies She has liberated me in a way. Kids out there – Booyah you don’t scare me-No more!