It’s really fascinating to observe human behavior and how a small change in the calendar can fill the heart with optimism.. with the promise made to oneself to live a better tomorrow than the gone.

I love the small celebrations that come all through the year and also as the year ends… a bustle in the gray winter is nothing but contagious. The undownputable spirit spins the world as we know. Each new onset has a new quiet wish for self and the anonymous – I wish for a more resilient spirit.

Come what may be -I wish, we have the strength to face-defy all odds and rise.


So here’s wishing you resolve,resilience and repetition.



Ok enough sloth!And anxious wait for things to happen,to make an update to this or that..let me do first thing first and start with a wish for a happy and mindful new year to all!

Well whether we like it not-2016 is here and with this calendar change, comes new set of expectation.Expectation,truly-is the mother of all disappointments(and now I have ruined the word ‘expectation’ for you-haven’t I, what can i say,I am lovable that way *evil grin*).

Ahem! lets chuck the digression and come to the mudda(point-in english).I don’t make resolutions but for a change this year,I have decided to be more vocal atleast in public and I have so far not disappointed myself(so expectation from self is a good thing).

So if I see people insisting on use of plastic bag despite being banned by the delhi government or littering waste,my other self which is not very calm(read -devil like) wakes from slumber and starts preaching.Minding one’s own business is a thing of past for me.I mean,for how long,can we continue with the blame game on the government being not diligent enough?And the worse part is- I get the most shocking and repulsive attitude from the degree-d people who are not educated enough to bother about issues like public health and pollution(water, air and noise equally).

I have realized that this may make me less popular.Yes,I have been ‘eye rolled’ behind my back and I have earned a few nicknames but who bothers?I am no-Adele to worry about my fan base. I always retaliate to maintain yin-yang in me and sleep sound!

Aspiring to be the odd in the evens or the other way around.